RDL- Blick ins Kreativstudio

Well, a heartly welcome to "Retouching de Luxe"!

We are three people from Berlin who really dig what they do!

Mass production with low-level standards is not the answer to the wishes of photographers and designers. We offer an individual, friendly service and dedication to the fullest towards every single project. No matter the size - editorials are as much appreciated as huge marketing campaigns. With this kind of self-conception we are succesfully serving our international customers since 2006.

Need someone by your side? Good choice! Starting off, we accompany you with advices before the shoot, then we offer look-composing, finishing and color-mandatory proof. This is done via a GMG-Rip and an EPSON-proof system.

As a matter of course, we also take care exclusively of your proof-assignments, even if retouching was done somewhere else ;-)

We' ll be happy to work with you!

Sina Baur, Christiane Wilms & Markus Burwig

proof prices:

  • DIN-A4-proof 15.00 Euro
  • DIN-A3-proof 25.00 Euro
  • DIN-A2-proof 40.00 Euro
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